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Peanut Butter Balls – A New Version

I haven’t always loved peanut butter as much as I do now.  But when Peter Pan came out with this:

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Meet Wes Hale & Cabbage Rolls

If you ask any of our employees to describe Wes Hale, the first thing that they would probably say is “hardworker”!  Growing up right here in Arkadelphia, Wes knows the definition of long hours.  He works at Big Cheese Pizza during the day and Wal-Mart by night.Wes Pic Continue reading “Meet Wes Hale & Cabbage Rolls” »

Meet Andrew Mears & Oreo Balls

Andrew Mears is definitely one of the most unique individuals that Big Cheese Pizza has ever encountered.  Andrew comes from Wynne, Arkansas, studied Political Science at Henderson State University and is now a manager at Big Cheese Pizza of Arkadelphia.

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Christmas Divinity

My favorite time of year is most definitely Christmas!  For years, we have gone a little wild with the decorations, lights and food!  With opening the restaurant, the last two years have been a little bit of a blur, with fewer….well, everything.  So this year as I was pinning some Christmas-type recipes, I came across what looked like a wonderful divinity recipe. Continue reading “Christmas Divinity” »

Attention Schools!!!!

Are you ready to place your pizza order for your class party?

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Please fill out the form below and submit it to us.  We will send you an email confirmation with your total when your order has been processed.  9% sales tax will be added.

For school orders only.

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The Cookie Contest – Toney’s Cookie Recipe

“Toney! Stop spending so much money trying to perfect that cookie!  You will NEVER win!” Continue reading “The Cookie Contest – Toney’s Cookie Recipe” »

Why Big Cheese Pizza?!

Did you know, according to PMQ Magazine, 35% of Americans will buy pizza at least once a month.  That number sounds surprisingly low considering we have many customers that come once a week or even several times a week!

Also PMQ gave us another stunning statistic…63% of pizza lovers are women and 68% of pizza lovers exercise 2 or more times a week.  So you’ve been told that pizza is for the lazy, unhealthy eater?  I THINK NOT!  Here are 7 reasons to enjoy pizza with no worries:

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