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Christmas Divinity

My favorite time of year is most definitely Christmas!  For years, we have gone a little wild with the decorations, lights and food!  With opening the restaurant, the last two years have been a little bit of a blur, with fewer….well, everything.  So this year as I was pinning some Christmas-type recipes, I came across what looked like a wonderful divinity recipe.

You need to know that I have tried divinity and failed…more than once.  Meringue too. For some reason, egg whites and I don’t get along.  At all.  Really.  They don’t like me.  My best friend even commented on one of the divinity pins asking if I was finally going to try it again?!  She knows my struggle!

But Toney continued to encourage me to try the recipe.  We both love divinity, or anything sweet for that matter.  So finally, I went for it.  And for the first ever, I made divinity that set up correctly and tasted great!  In fact, I’ve made four batches in the last month.  Oh my.  Talk about the waistline going south!  But you know what? This is too good to pass up!

So would you like to try it for yourself?  Don’t worry about the deep south humidity!  It didn’t seem to bother my batches at all!

Go on over to Premeditated Leftovers at for the recipe.  Unlike some other recipes that I had viewed, she does an amazing job at explaining each step.

It is so easy!  If I can do this, anyone can!divinity pic 2

divinity pic 3

Add pecans to divinity

divinity pic 1

Good luck and Merry Christmas Y’all!  Go grab some pizza and then try this amazing recipe!

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  1. Aw shucks! I’ve been mentioned in a blog post!!! Haha now that you’ve perfected the technique, I expect a demonstration the next time I come visit!

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