Meet Andrew Mears & Oreo Balls

Andrew Mears is definitely one of the most unique individuals that Big Cheese Pizza has ever encountered.  Andrew comes from Wynne, Arkansas, studied Political Science at Henderson State University and is now a manager at Big Cheese Pizza of Arkadelphia.

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If Andrew has not been called to duty at the restaurant, he is probably traveling, reading, carrying his ironing board up Pinnacle Mountain, wearing one of his many costumes or hiding away in the Batcave (after all, he IS Batman and where else would you find Batman?).

His best friend is a Research Assistant at Harvard and comes to visit as often as possible. They sit with their other great friend, sipping milk, taking Christmas photos and watching Mad Men.  When the TV goes off, the music comes on and you will hear “Play That Funky Music”, Andrew’s life theme song.

And, of course, we couldn’t leave you without handing over his favorite recipe.  Andrew asks that everyone make some and bring them to him at Big Cheese Pizza this week!

Oreo Balls
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Plain ole' YUMMINESS!
Oreo Balls
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Plain ole' YUMMINESS!
  1. Smash up the package of Oreos and squish together with the cream cheese.
  2. Roll into balls and place on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.
  3. Let them chill for 10ish minutes.
  4. Cover with white almond bark and let dry. You can sprinkle a small portion of crushed Oreo on top while the bark is still wet for a fancier appearance.
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